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As our ancestors evolved in prehistoric times, early human beings likely recognized that a profound relationship exists between plants and health. Ancient healers were among the earliest of civilizations’ most accomplished botanists, and would have been regarded poorly if they failed to keep their plants alive.  Without horticultural knowledge and the ability to sustain plant-derived remedies, healers would lose their formulary and most certainly would have failed at their craft.

With the rapid advancement of the science surrounding botanical medicine, a deep understanding of these relationships is more important than ever before.

Led by Jeffrey S. Block, MD, a Board Certified anesthesiologist, world-class horticulturist and naturalist, our interdisciplinary team focuses on advanced protocols to extend the science of plant-based therapies into better healthcare outcomes.

Based in Miami, Florida USA, this collaborative consultancy applies translational science models through six sigma metrics to enhance quality improvement processes and derive measurable outcomes. Translational science (also referred to as “translational medicine”) is a discipline within biomedical and public health research that aims to improve the health of individuals and the community by “translating” findings into diagnostic tools, medicines, procedures, policies and education. It is a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach that endeavors to translate new research and technology into practical ways that benefit community health in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Through extensive affiliations and the academic outreach required to stay abreast of developmental expertise within the botanical medicine industry, Dr. Block encounters extraordinarily qualified individuals that can effectively fill specific roles involved with the production, processing, or dispensing aspects of an organization.




“Seeking relief from the physical, psychological or spiritual symptoms of disease is an instinctual force of human nature, and contributes to medicinal use:
 The treatment of intolerable symptoms is an honorable task that society bestows upon its healers to provide humane relief.”



This statement reflects our current bioethical position, and provides a guiding conscience essential to proactive physician education regarding endocannabinoid medicine. As we strive to remain compliant within each State’s legislative guidelines, our consultancy acknowledges and respects the current challenges imposed under Federal prohibition.

Nurturing Nature offers evidence-based scientific services to advance endocannabinoid research within the practice of integrative medicine.  We bring decades of strategic planning and risk management expertise to individuals, organizations or businesses seeking tomorrow’s agriculturally sustainable methods today. We emphasize sustainable growth, pharma processing, therapeutic distribution, and quality assurances for Cannabis (“Marijuana”) patients in need of safe and efficient compassionate care.

Events / News

21 May

Patients Out of Time – May 21-23

“Patients Out of Time” May 21-23 The Premier Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics Dr.Block speaking at Patients Out of Time

9 May

Jeffrey S. Block, M.D. ‘82 delivers the Oath of Medicine

Jeffrey S. Block, M.D. ‘82 delivers the Oath of Medicine to the 2015 University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine’s 185 new physicians (with Dean Goldschmidt on May 9, 2015)

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