21 February

American Orchid Society’s Highest Horticultural Award

A specimen “Jewel Orchid” grown by Block was judged by The American Orchid Society (AOS). A “Ludisia discolor” received their Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE) award and honored with a clonal name: “Michelle’s Jewel”, after Dr. Block’s wife. Plants receiving this rarely awarded horticultural distinction must be well-flowered, of robust health, and represent the very highest level of orchid culture.

21 February

American Orchid Society’s Highest Award: Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE)

On February 21, 2015 Block Botanical Garden’s specimen plant of Ludisia discolor received the American Orchid Society’s Certificate of Cultural Excellence and was awarded the clonal name of “Michelle’s Jewel” in honor of Dr. Block’s wife, Michelle. Plants receiving this award represent the highest level of orchid culture. Ludisia discolor – Michelle’s Jewel

19 February

Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition

Dr. Block will speak on horticultural best practices for the TPIE “Road Show” at the Kampong in Coconut Grove, Florida. TPIE Road Show Schedule

14 February

Mounts Botanical Garden Valentine’s Day Luncheon Tour

Why buy a single rose when you can experience an entire garden! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a luncheon tour of Block Botanical Gardens private estate garden, hosted by Miami’s Dr. Jeffrey Block.

13 November

Coconut Grove Garden Club Tour

Dr. Block will host a tour of Block Botanical Gardens for the historic Coconut Grove Garden Club

7 November

Miami-Dade County Florida Agricultural Extension Master Gardener Training Class at Block Botanical Gardens

Dr. Jeff Block will instruct students on the art and science of successful plant propagation.

1 November

Martin County Master Gardener’s Tour

Master gardeners arrive by bus for a tour and Saturday late afternoon light fare

25 October

South Florida Palm Society Tour

Dr. Jeff Block will host a tour and answer questions about Block Botanical Gardens’ internationally recognized palm and cycad collection.

29 September
20 September

International Aroid Society Annual Show and Sale Fairchild Tropical Gardens Miami, Florida

Dr. Jeff Block will speak on aspects of plants and water quality promoting optimal horticulture.