10 February

Dr. Jeff Block Leads 10 Day Cuba Habitat Tour

Coordinated by Holbrook Travel, Dr. Block will lead 50 tropical plant enthusiasts on a ten day tour of Cuba.

30 January

Florida Department of Agriculture & University of Florida – IFAS Master Gardener Education

As part of Block Botanical Gardens annual contribution to master gardener education via Miami-Dade County’s agricultural extension office, Dr. Block will host an afternoon teaching seminar regarding the presentation of master gardener subjects.

18 January

Block Botanical Gardens celebrates it’s centennial!

Block Botanical Gardens celebrates the centennial of it’s deed as a mango and avocado grove.All neighbors and friends are invited to share in the festivities.

9 December

Block Botanical Gardens hosts APGA event

Block Botanical Gardens hosts American Public Gardens Association (APGA) leadership for their 2016 Conference planning.

19 November

“The Kampong” 2015-16 Annual Lecture Series

Dr. Block will be this month’s invited guest lecturer.  This engaging talk will appeal to both health care providers and agriculturists alike: “Insights Into the Use of Botanical Medicines for Modern Patient Care” will explore the science behind plant-based therapies that provide better healthcare outcomes. A cocktail reception is offered at 6:30pm followed by the talk. 4013

27 September

Bromeliad Extravaganza “Bromeliads in the Magic City”

Dr. Block will lead a tour of Block Botanical Garden’s World Class bromeliad collection.  Sponsored by the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies.

8 May

2015 National Public Gardens Day at Block Botanical Gardens

Friday, May 8th is 2015’s National Public Gardens Day……. Block Botanical Gardens will be open free (always is!) to the public for tours between 9:00am and 3:00pm. See http://www.nationalpublicgardensday.org/content/block-botanical-gardens  

21 February

American Orchid Society’s Highest Horticultural Award

A specimen “Jewel Orchid” grown by Block was judged by The American Orchid Society (AOS). A “Ludisia discolor” received their Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE) award and honored with a clonal name: “Michelle’s Jewel”, after Dr. Block’s wife. Plants receiving this rarely awarded horticultural distinction must be well-flowered, of robust health, and represent the very highest level of orchid culture.

21 February

American Orchid Society’s Highest Award: Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE)

On February 21, 2015 Block Botanical Garden’s specimen plant of Ludisia discolor received the American Orchid Society’s Certificate of Cultural Excellence and was awarded the clonal name of “Michelle’s Jewel” in honor of Dr. Block’s wife, Michelle. Plants receiving this award represent the highest level of orchid culture. Ludisia discolor – Michelle’s Jewel

14 February

Mounts Botanical Garden Valentine’s Day Luncheon Tour

Why buy a single rose when you can experience an entire garden! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a luncheon tour of Block Botanical Gardens private estate garden, hosted by Miami’s Dr. Jeffrey Block.

13 November

Coconut Grove Garden Club Tour

Dr. Block will host a tour of Block Botanical Gardens for the historic Coconut Grove Garden Club

7 November

Miami-Dade County Florida Agricultural Extension Master Gardener Training Class at Block Botanical Gardens

Dr. Jeff Block will instruct students on the art and science of successful plant propagation.

1 November

Martin County Master Gardener’s Tour

Master gardeners arrive by bus for a tour and Saturday late afternoon light fare

25 October

South Florida Palm Society Tour

Dr. Jeff Block will host a tour and answer questions about Block Botanical Gardens’ internationally recognized palm and cycad collection.

29 September
20 September

International Aroid Society Annual Show and Sale Fairchild Tropical Gardens Miami, Florida

Dr. Jeff Block will speak on aspects of plants and water quality promoting optimal horticulture.

8 September

September 8-14: 21st BSI World Bromeliad Conference

Honolulu, Hawaii Block Botanical Gardens will again be featured along the world’s finest in the plant industry.

23 June

The Tropical Fern and Exotic Plant Society

Monday, June 23, 2014 http://www.tfeps.org 7:00 pm at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens – Miami, Florida Dr. Jeff Block from Block Botanical Gardens will be featured speaking on advanced horticulture and plant propagation.  Medinella ‘Gregori Hambali’ will be used as a new and challenging subject plant for propagation by seed.  The presentation will cover from pollination

30 May

International Palm Society 2014 Biennial Conference Garden Tour

Friday, May 30, 2014 Tour: http://www.palms.org/biennial.cfm Host garden:  Block Botanical Gardens is a residential garden gem that for 25 years has consistently emphasized the finest in advanced subtropical horticulture, and features mature examples of some of the most beautiful palm and cycad species of the world. Situated in a century-old Miami fruit grove, Sunset Groves

24 May

Equality Park Garden Club Tour

Saturday, May 24th 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. Equality Park Garden Club Tour The 4 “Equality Park Garden Club” will arrive Off-Site by Maire bus South for a guided tour on National May Gelesen 24th, 2014 – at 9:00 Meeting a.m.

9 May

National Public Gardens Day

Friday, May 9th, 2014 http://www.nationalpublicgardensday.org National Public Gardens Day is an annual celebration Meeting of the nation’s public gardens to raise awareness of the important South role botanical gardens and arboreta play in promoting environmental stewardship, plant and water conservation, green spaces, and education in communities nationwide.  After partnering together for a number of years

6 May

Miami Beach Botanical Garden Annual Membership Meeting

Wednesday, May 6th, 2014 at wholesale MLB jerseys 7:00 wholesale MLB jerseys pm Meeting http://mbgarden.org Physician botanist/horticulturist and landscape designer Dr. Jeff Block from Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys Block Botanical wholesale MLB jerseys Gardens, an Institutional Member of the American Public iMac Gardens Association will present an intriguing discussion on the (a value of optimal

5 April

Plant Biologist of South Florida Annual Meeting

April 5, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Naples Botanical Garden – Buehler Auditorium Naples, Florida Jeffrey Block, MD will speak on “The Physiology and Pharmacology of Sustainable Agronomy – A Physician’s Perspectives” and discuss first the molecular similarities between flora and fauna optimal New health help in the practice すでに20年ほど前ぐらいの話で of Nurturing Nature™”