International Palm Society 2014 Biennial Conference Garden Tour

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Friday, May 30, 2014


Host garden:  Block Botanical Gardens is a residential garden gem that for 25 years has consistently emphasized the finest in advanced subtropical horticulture, and features mature examples of some of the most beautiful palm and cycad species of the world. Situated in a century-old Miami fruit grove, Sunset Groves was originally chosen for its natural resources and has been sustainably nurtured over the past 25 years by physician and master gardener, Dr. Jeff Block.  Brick pathways wind past thriving showcases of rare ferns, aroids, orchids, bromeliads and begonias; many grown epiphytically on palms. A conservatory and two greenhouses regularly boast the best of Florida’s show judged ornamental tropical plants.  Flowering-sized specimen palms from Mapu to Talipot including Johannesteijsmannia magnifica, Cyrtostachys renda, Kerriodoxa elegans, Zombia antillarum, Dypsis cabadae, Arenga pinnata and Wallichia disticha are currently on full display!

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International Palm Society 2014 Biennial Tour Guide