Royal Botanical Gardens – Kew

Block Botanical Gardens is an astonishing collection of superbly grown palms and other rare and unusual tropical plants.

More than anything, it is the supreme standard of horticulture and  resulting beauty of the specimen plants that will impress the visitor.

2015 – Dr. John Dransfield, The World’s foremost palm expert

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Craig Morell – “The Plant Guy”

“Many of his plants are of better quality and larger size than any I’ve seen, and one of the main reasons is his commitment to providing the plants with excellent water.”

2011 Blog – “The Plant Guy” – Pinecrest Gardens

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The Miami Herald

“Some of nature’s most handsome specimen’s – far surpassing what can be found in the wild.”

1999 – Georgia Tasker, The Miami Herald Garden Editor

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Pinecrest Gardens (aka “Parrot Jungle”)

When asked to comment on Dr. Jeff Block’s successes as a plantsman, horticulturist Craig Morell quipped:
“Well, Dr. Block grows uncommon plants uncommonly well!”

January, 2013 –  Pinecrest Gardens (formerly known as “The Parrot Jungle”)


Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

“The garden has been transformed into a masterful botanical garden offering balanced vistas among artistic vignettes of plantings.”

2010 – Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden feature story

“A Rare Gem – The Twenty-Year Evolution of a Tropical Botanical Garden”

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“The Villagers” Historic Garden Tours

“Block has taken knowledge from his medical background and applied it to horticulture. Not only is this garden filled with rare and award-winning plants, it is also visually spectacular.”

2012 – “The Villagers” Annual Historical Garden Tour

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